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Is Your Face Cream Causing Anxiety?

Your face cream could very likely be why your estrogen is too high, you feel anxious and you can’t sleep at night. Even though you paid a gazillion dollars for the best wrinkle cream at the Nordstrom counter… Why no matter what you do you don’t … [Read More...]

Salmon with Stir Fry Vegetables

Quick Tips To an Anxiety-Free You

Quick Tips To an Anxiety-Free You  Anxiety is quite common over 40. And it is an awful feeling. Definitely a youth stealer. Our happy mood brain chemistry, GABA and serotonin, tend to be lower due to 'wear and tear' over the years. They will shift … [Read More...]


Letting Your Light Shine

Have you ever been stifled, put down or shamed? Did it happen when you were letting your light within you shine bright? When you were being playful and innocent? I have… and now my 6 year old baby daughter has felt that kind of put down too, I am … [Read More...]